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The Youngers Nashville Again Album CD Cover Art hi-res300dpi.jpg

Nashville Again CD

Title: Nashville Again
Release Date: January 7th, 2022
Format: CD
Buy: $12

 Track Listing

  1. Willie McCoy

  2. Memphis

  3. Sparkle

  4. Out in the County

  5. Highway Blues

  6. Pikeville

  7. Cat Eyes

  8. Astrosurf

  9. Nashville Again

  10. Searching for Words

Nashville Again, the title track off the new album from The Youngers, is a tip of the hat to the glory days of Music City, USA. The album goes beyond the confines of Davidson County, TN, reflecting of how the home of country music has grown to encompass an array of styles and genres that stretch well beyond the confines of the Ryman Auditorium and the airwaves of WSM.
Over the record's 10 songs the band stretches beyond their Americana-RootsRock base into everything from classic truck driving music to garage rock to surf. While each song travels a different road, they all come together to create a musical superhighway where everything flows together seamlessly.
With an approach that could arguably be called 'sturm und twang,' The Youngers riff on guitar-driven roots music makes Nashville Again an audio tourist destination worth visiting again and again.

The Youngers Picture of You Album CD Cover Art

Picture of You CD

Title: Picture of You
Release Date: September 16th, 2016
Format: CD
Buy: $12

The Youngers record for 2016 entitled Picture of You recorded at the legendary Sound Emporium in Nashville, TN! Thanks to their sizable network of fans, The Youngers raised over $20,000 for the project through an online KickStarter campaign.  The resulting 11-song independent release, Picture of You, features twangy guitars, driving rhythms, and a variety of sonic colors and textures – all of which serve to underscore their reflective and, at times, introspective songwriting. Engineered by Grammy®-winner Chuck Turner, Picture of You has a classic, timeless vibe while managing to sound fresh at the same time.

The Youngers Heritage Album CD Cover Art

Heritage CD

Title: Heritage
Release Date: September 9th, 2008
Format: CD
Buy: $12

Produced by John Carter Cash at the legendary Cash cabin in Tennessee, Heritage is the follow up album to Output. It's full of chiming guitars, anthemic choruses, soaring harmonies and story songs of working and hard life blues. Special guests include John Carter Cash (percussion), Laura Cash (fiddle), Ronnie McCoury of The Del McCoury Band (mandolin), and legendary Waylon Jennings' pedal steel player Ralph Mooney. Singing from the past. Singing to the future. Most importantly…singing in the now. That innate ability to capture life unfolding separates The Youngers and Heritage from the pack.

The Youngers Output Album CD Cover Art

Output CD

Title: Output
Release Date: June, 2005
Format: CD
Buy: $12

The Youngers Debut CD

The Youngers Limited Edition Picture of You Hatch Show Print Letterpress Poster

Limited Edition Hatch Show Print

Title: Picture of You Limited Edition Poster. Only 100 made!
Format: An exclusive one of a kind letterpress poster made from the famous Hatch Show Print in Nashville,TN! These posters are 14x22" in size and are vibrant. They look beautiful framed!
Buy: $20

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